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Haney Real Estate, Rocklin, CA



Your realtor will have your best interest at heart. They can negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price when buying or selling and can help you identify anything wrong with the property, help with paperwork and recommend vendors (inspectors, contractors, etc). Realtors can also help you negotiate deals and upgrades on homes in new construction communities, provided you contact them prior to your first visit. 

how do i get my home ready to sell?

Curb appeal is the first impression - make sure your yard is maintained and free of too many decorations, ornaments or furniture. 

Less is more - remove some furniture or personal belongings if necessary. Most buyers want to envision their furniture in the space. Removing extra clothes from your closet can make it look larger and more appealing. 


Do you have some minor things that need a touch up? Small updates can make a huge difference (i.e. touching up paint, fixing a cabinet door, repairing a leaky faucet, removing a stain from carpet). 

How does a realtor determine the best list price for my home?

Realtors can review comps in the area and price your property based on the market rate and amenities special to your home.

What are the real estate process steps?

It is best to pre-qualify for your loan so you know your budget and you are ready to make an offer when you find a house you love. You also may want to shop around for a lender who will get you the best mortgage rate or ask your agent/broker for a recommendation. 

how long does it take to sell your home?

It depends a lot on the market - current area inventory plays a big role in timing.

Once an offer is accepted by the seller, how long until I can move in?

The buyer and seller can negotiate a closing date. Typically it takes at least 30 days after mutual acceptance of the contract.

What are the costs involved in buying a home?

Closing costs, Realtor fees, inspection fees, paperwork, pest control report?, 

The only out of pocket non refundable fees will be the appraisal cost (typically under $1,000 and inspections $500 - $2500 on average, depending on condition of home). If the purchase is new construction, the only fees will be appraisal and closing costs. 

What are the up front costs involved in selling a home?

There are zero dollars due up front. The real estate professional pays for all marketing including photos and provides staging recommendations. If the home needs to be staged, the seller will be required to pay. *staging for a 4 bed/3 bath typically costs $2,000-3,000. 

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